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The Power of Dopamine Dressing

Posted by Jones Bootmaker on

The Power of Dopamine Dressing

What is Dopamine Dressing?

Coined by fashion psychologists, dopamine dressing is designed to boost your mood. 

Achieved through wearing the patterns, textures, colours, and styles that make us smile, the philosophy of dopamine dressing is simple: joy can be attained through unabashed self-expression. 

Cue bright hues and elevated styles. There’s no such thing as over-dressed where dopamine dressing is concerned. It’s all about building a feel-good collection of confidence boosting attire, celebrating your unique style, and taking control of your mindset.

Inclusive to its core, dopamine dressing is for all. Need a quick pick-me-up to put you in a positive frame of mind? Discover the mood-boosting shoes to get the feel-good chemicals flowing. 

Colour PlaY

Studies show that chromotherapy (that’s colour therapy) can influence our mood and mindset. While the meaning of certain colours can be subjective, some hues are bound to evoke certain emotions. Rich jewel tones and sunny shades will steer you towards a bright style future. 

Elenora Leather Ballet Flats

Ruby Slippers

The colour of passion, red sparks a can-do attitude.   

Even the humble ballet slipper can work magic on your mood. Sculpted in ruby-hued leathers, our Elenora ballet flats offer sleek and chic style in an effortless slip-on silhouette with a soft square toe. 

The perfect playmate for colour block dressing, pair Elenora with equally saturated shades, such as pinks, oranges, and deep blue hues. 

According to Experts...

Elenora Leather Ballet Flats - Red

Passion & Excitement

Elenora Leather Ballet Flats - Navy

Concentration & Calm

Elenora Leather Ballet Flats - Black

Confidence & Authority

Citrus Shades

Lime greens, lemon yellows, and zesty orange; the vitamin shades bring sharp edge to any ensemble. 

Shop Tabbi Vegan Mule Sandals


Made with plant-based materials in the heart of Spain, Tabbi are our vegan mule sandals. 

Situated on a moulded cork footbed with recycled rubber tread, this slip-on pair are as light on your feet as they are on your conscience. 

Available in lemon yellow for a dose of summer-appropriate zing. 

Shop Padova Lace-Up Trainers


Invoking the zest of a freshly made mojito, the Padova trainers in lime offer an instant hit of dopamine. 

Styled with a contrasting sole, these head-turning  lace-ups feature leather internals and a soft cushioned footbed for a style that's easy on the eye, and even better on the feet. 

Pattern, Texture, Elevation

Colour isn’t the only key to unlocking your wardrobe’s potential for joy. Pattern, texture, and elevation present an opportunity to embrace your playful side in the pursuit of self-expression.  

Woven Chevron

The delight is in the detail. Nowhere is this more evident than the braided sole. 

Shop Amerie Wedge Sandals

Presenting a playful contrast between precision cut, soft suede uppers and a tactile woven raffia wedge, the Amerie sandals have detail at the heart of their design. 

Signed off with an exaggerated square buckle and chevron patterning across the outsole, Amerie excels when paired with cuts and fabrics that match their eccentricities. 

Shop Amerie Wedge Sandals
Shop Alejandra Espadrille Wedge Sandals


Serving up a low-key luxury feel, quilted details reign supreme when it comes to self-assured style. 

The Bianka heeled mules are the definition of unabashed self-expression in a barely-there slip-on style. 

We’ve designed this round-the-clock pair with a flared mid-heel, square toe, and a diamond quilted upper that’s carved from supple leather. 

A dramatic addition to anyone’s collection, Bianka is sure to add a little swagger to your stride. Dare to wear with wide-leg trousers or sculpted tailoring. 

Shop Bianka Heeled Mules
Shop Bianka Heeled Mules
Shop Lenora Leather Mule Sandals
Shop Maera Leather Platform Sandals

The Highlife

Uplift your style, uplift your mood. The power of platform trainers is instantaneous.  

The Arielle trainers have it all when it comes to dopamine inducing qualities. These statement kicks have positive attitude ingrained into their chunky platform sole, with quilted side panels and silver hardware to suit their larger-than-life charm. 

Work this versatile pair into your weekday ensembles alongside clean tailoring to match Arielle’s clean-cut aesthetic (bonus point if your blazer includes power shoulder pads). 

Shop Arielle Leather Trainers

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