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Welcome to Destination Daydream

Posted by Jones Bootmaker on

Welcome to Destination Daydream

Welcome to Destination Daydream...

With the ability to travel wherever we want, whenever we want, on hold over the last eighteen months, many of us have found a new found appreciation, and excitement, for the opportunity of potential travel. Travel means different things to all of us. For some, the main desire to travel lies in being able to reconnect with loved ones, whether the ones we see every day or those we have longed for. For others, travel means the ability to immerse yourself in a new location, new faces, new horizons and new experiences. Whilst for many, travel simply provides the ability to switch off and relax, something that many of us have not been able to do as of late.  

With our curiosity and optimism both suitably refreshed, it is time to look to the opportunities which lay on the horizon for the upcoming warmer months. With regional and international travel both looking hopeful for the summer, we turn our thoughts to what we might wear to drink that first glass of wine al fresco, or what sandals we might slip off in favour of the cooling sand. This is where Destination Daydream comes into play. A whimsical way to indulge in our travel fantasies, which could, with luck on our side, soon become a reality. There are few things as fabulous as a summer getaway, and living in a country whose seasons means there are less joyfully sunny days than the many grey days we encounter, gives us an ability to really appreciate the privilege. For those dreaming of the cosmopolitan metropolis of a new, or well loved, city, look to our City Breaks edit, with leather trainers perfect for strolling Venice’s labyrinth of cobbled streets and leather tote bags roomy enough for a romantic park picnic. For those craving the rush of heat post-plane arrival, look to our European Sunshine edit, where you will find toe-post sandals and stacked high espadrille wedges ready to bring your sun seeking dreams to life. For those days roaring with laughter with your closest friends, look to our Weekend Getaway, where you are reunited with your best pals for a well-needed weekend of fun. Finally, for those wishing to combine the comfort of the familiar with the exuberance of the new, the fabulous Staycation edit.   

Now, our purchases are charged with more meaning than ever, as we envision the days and occasions which are lying within touching distance. Slipping our mule sandals off in the garden is traded for slipping our mule sandals off in the sand, whilst Chelsea boot wellies once reserved for our daily walk are now ready for an exciting rural trip with friends. After the many cancelled, rearranged and postponed plans, we now can finally look to a future of hope and excitement. So, whether you are longing for a solo trip of adventure and self discovery, or you can’t wait to celebrate anything and everything with your closest friends, it’s time to get planning. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.    

Take our Destination Daydream quiz here, and find out where it will take you…

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