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What We're Wearing At Jones Head Office

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What We're Wearing At Jones Head Office

At Jones, we write, think, style, and wear shoes all day, every day. So it’s no surprise that sometimes a pair of Chelsea boots or Oxford brogues will fall across our desks that we simply can’t resist. Around the office there are lots of familiar styles to see from the season collection. From white leather trainers paired with power suit blazers to cashmere jumpers partnered with classic wing tips.

Like a lot of offices across the U.K., our work environment is now hybrid. We’ve adopted business-casual attire to go along with the new work-from-home/in-office split. In this hybrid world, the consensus among us seems to be that almost any style of shoe can be office appropriate, depending on a few prerequisites. 

Cut and construction are two defining factors for these office staples, with leather being the favoured material. Sleek and durable, leather shoes can handle consistent wear throughout the working week and, with a little maintenance, still look as smart as the day they were first unboxed, even after months of wear. 

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Another defining characteristic of these styles is their versatility. The same shoes that carry us through a day at the office, can work just as well for evening events and casual weekends. Equally, these office favourites transform even our most relaxed jeans into business ready attire. 

We tend to stick to one or two reliable pairs of shoes in black, tan, and white colourways to see us through the seasons. Constructing our office ensembles from the ground up, our footwear tends to stay the same while the cuts, colours, fabrics, and textures of our clothes are in constant rotation. 

Footwear choice can make a big impression around the office. If you’re looking for a glossy new pair of shoes for work that will spruce up your workwear rotations – here are the shoes that have made big impressions on us. So big we had to bag them for ourselves. 

KAtherine Ranner, Interim Senior Brand Manager

I love my Clemenzia boots because I can walk around in them all day in comfort. They work well with dresses and skirts, as well as trousers. I was worried the light colour might start to look dirty, but I sprayed them with protector before my first wear. Now if they get a mark, I give them a quick buff with a nubuck brush, and they come out looking like new!

CLEMENZIA Chelsea Boots

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Styling Suggestions: Clemenzia Chelsea Boots

Day One  Day Two Day Three
Oversize blazer, silk shirt, denim jeans, boxy handbag.
Tailored midi skirt, understated blouse, belted cardigan. 
Floral midi dress, fitted blazer, contrasted crossbody bag.

TAILOR MADE Knee High Boots

Shop Tailor Made
Shop Tailor Made
I'm a dancer and I always struggle to zip up regular sized tall boots. So, I was excited for the new Tailor Made boots range, they come in a range of calf widths, including large. Now I've got a fab new pair of riding boots that are not only properly knee-high in length; I can zip them up! I'm enjoying wearing them with knee length skirts and dresses.

Styling Suggestions: Tailor Made Knee High boots

Day One  Day Two Day Three
Pleated midi skirt, roll neck jumper untucked, camel coat, pouch bag. 
Jumper dress, leather waist belt, structured handbag.
Neutral tailored trousers (tucked), funnel neck jumper, structured coat.


Donella dresses my jeans up for work with ease! Full leather plus an inside zip equals comfortable, easy-to-wear lace-up boots. I love the medium heel height, and the neutral sand colour means that I can wear them with any colour. People always comment on Donella when I wear them.

DONELLA Lace Up Boots

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Styling Suggestion: Donella Lace-Up Boots

Day One Day Two  Day Three
Black jeans, black cropped jumper, white shirt, dog-tooth wool coat. 
Blue slim-fit jeans, stripped jumper, tailored blazer, cross body bag,
Silk slip or leather skirt, white tee, tailored blazer, pouch bag.


Hummingbird are my go-to office footwear choice. I commute into the office and find these so comfortable even as I’m on my feet at the bus stop or on the station platform. These loafers were a bit of an investment piece for me, and it’s been so worth it. They look so good even after months of wear. 

HUMMINGBIRD Leather Loafers

Shop Hummingbird
Shop Hummingbird
I have Hummingbird in black, and they go with all my dresses, skirts, jeans, trousers - you name it. I’ve been wearing them with tights or slouchy ankle socks during the colder months; I’m looking forward to brighter skies and longer days when I can style them without either for a clean-cut look.


Day One Day Two Day Three
Ankle grazing black jeans or trousers, black tee, contrast fitted blazer, slouchy socks. 
Floaty midi dress, waist belt, fitted blazer, cross body bag.

Tailored tartan skirt, matching cashmere jumper, collared shirt, tights. 


Amira leather trainers are my wardrobe multi-tasker! The platform makes them dressy enough to wear to work in the day and to take them out on an evening too. The white leather is perfect for wearing with jeans or bright coloured trouser suits. I love the quilted leather as I think it adds a touch of interest to my looks, and the quality of the leather itself is exceptional.

AMIRA White Leather Trainers

Shop Amira


Day One  Day Two  Day Three
Silk or satin midi dress, boxy handbag, no or low athletic socks. 
Tailored dress, leather tote bag, camel coat, sunglasses.

Block colour suit, white tee, gold or silver chain necklace, and a crossbody bag.  


 I like my Matthew Oxford shoes because they keep me looking smart throughout the working week. I’ve been impressed with the quality of leather, and they haven’t worn down at all after four months of wear! They match very well with a white shirt, blue chinos, and brown belt.

MATTHEW Oxford Shoes

Shop Matthew
Shop Matthew

Styling Suggestions: MATTHEW OXFORD SHOES

Day One Day Two Day Three
Dark wash denim jeans, collared shirt, crew neck or half-zip jumper.  
Ankle grazing trousers, loose fitting shirt (tucked), camel or black overcoat.  
Matching brown belt, smart navy chinos, pale blue striped shirt (tucked).

Jason Paver, Managing Director

Cannon Street is my top-choice for office footwear right now. I have them in dark brown and they look good with navy trousers. They’re leather lined, which makes them super comfortable. I can wear them all day long – from morning board meetings right through to evening events. Everyone needs at least one pair of tasselled loafers in their life!

CANNON STREET Leather Loafers

Shop Cannon Street


Day One Day Two Day Three
Collared shirt, Windsor knot tie, tapered trousers, no or invisible socks.
Dark trousers or jeans, white shirt, grey crew neck jumper, tailored suit jacket. 
Smart navy chinos, collared shirt, waistcoat, no or invisible sock, leather rucksack.


I’m wearing the Bushwick leather wing-tipped brogues around the office. These shoes can be worn with chinos for a mix of casual and traditional style, but my favourite way to wear these brogues is with a nice three-piece men’s suit.

BUSHWICK Derby Brogues

Shop Bushwick
Shop Bushwick


Day One Day Two Day Three
Denim jeans with turned up cuffs, light suit jacket, white tee, (optional striped or colourful socks)
Smart navy chinos, half-zip jumper, matching brown belt.

Grey marl suit, black roll neck jumper, leather briefcase. 

TEO Leather Trainers

Shop Teo
When I want to switch it up a little, I wear the Teo leather trainers in white. As a staple colour, white leather trainers and can go with any colour chinos you can wear around the office. I often wear a formal jacket and waistcoat with my Teo trainers for a more laidback feel.

Styling Suggestions: Teo Leather Trainers

Day One  Day Two Day Three
Light grey checked trousers, loose fitting collared shirt (untucked), cream crew neck sweatshirt. 
Blue three-piece suit, white or pale blue shirt, no tie.

Dark slim-fit jeans, collared shirt (tucked), belt, camel overcoat.


Let us know @jonesbootmaker and tag us in your office ensembles with #jonesbootmakerstyle for the chance to be featured on across our social channels.

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