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How To Wear Mules

How To Wear Mules

Cementing practicality with aesthetic, we like to think of mules like summer’s sister to classic pumps because they’re simple to wear and so versatile, meaning that they’re just as suited to your chic and casual rotations as they are to your smart sartorial looks.

Where looking the part and keeping practical is concerned, there’s no need to pick a side, both sensible and stylish, mules hit the ultimate sweet spot for any given occasion. Holidays? Weddings? Back to the office? They’re the sandals we can’t stop (and won’t stop) wearing.

Mules are the ultimate where versatility in concerned, they’re the sandals that will never go out of style. In fact, mules have a history that hark back to Ancient Roman times, so they are likely to be a seasoned favourite that will stick around for the next few centuries.

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