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Best Sandals for Walking on Holiday - Most Comfortable Walking Sandals

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Best Sandals for Walking on Holiday - Most Comfortable Walking Sandals

Sandals may not be the go-to shoe you typically think about when preparing for an all-day exploration, but sandals have come a long way from thin string on a flat base and can now be found in many different designs and comfortable fits. The humble sandal is the obvious shoe of choice for those long hot summer days and holiday ventures and are now more versatile than ever to make sure you keep comfortable and cool, all day long. In this blog, we round up the best women’s sandals for walking on holiday.

What sandals are good for walking?

There are some obvious things to point out when choosing sandals that are good for walking and the first and foremost is – what type of walking are we talking? Long distance walking sandals will differ from hiking sandals, and beach sandals with differ from camping sandals. The overall first question to ask is – what will I be doing the most of in my walking sandals? When you’ve pinned this down, you can start looking in detail into which sandals would be best to keep your feet comfortable and safe. However, if you’re investing in walking sandals, there are a few things you want to make sure you consider when looking for your perfect pair. The material will be a big indicator of a good walking sandal, keep an eye out for ones with breathable fabric if you’re prone to getting heated feet and think about adjustable straps for better security. Be sure to look for soles that have good traction that would be able to handle challenging conditions - your long-distance walks could detour onto different terrain, and you need the reassurance of a secure and ‘gripping’ base for maximum comfort and safety. A sandal can be deceiving for foot space so be sure to measure up and be as accurate as possible when looking for the best walking sandals. 

What to look for when buying walking sandals?

When buying walking sandals, it might be instinctive to look for a cute, colourful pair to give you the holiday feeling. But it’s time to invest, and for those holiday ventures, there are a few things you don’t want to miss out checking for. If you suffer with certain foot conditions, then be sure to get advice from your doctor to know specifically which type of sandal would benefit you most. Many sandals now have taken into consideration a deeper understanding of foot care, and not only can adjustable straps be found but also arch support and increased traction – bear this in mind when you’re looking for your walking pair of sandals, especially for holiday where there is likely to be increased temperatures and humidity. 

The best walking sandals

Let’s break down the best attributes your sandals need to be giving under different walking conditions, remember you need to think about what you’re going to be using your sandals for the most to get the best out of them.

For walking

First things first, your sandals should be comfortable and supportive. If you’re looking for a pair that will get you easily from morning to evening, then don’t shy away from a pair that offer adjustability in the straps and good traction in the sole. For everyday walking, you can stick to a convenient slip-on or back strap style, such as the classic Birkenstock, as long as the straps are thick enough to keep the walking sandals secure and fitted. The foot base needs to be of a contouring material that will shape itself to your foot to stave away aches and offer maximum security as well as all day holiday comfort. 

What we suggest:

Tabatha Leather Mule Sandals

  • Contoured suede footbed for comfort  
  • Triple metallic straps for security as well as versatility - day to evening look
  • Good traction on sole for grip

For holiday hiking

When the holiday finally arrives the need to explore may start to overwhelm you and before you know it, you’re off in the hills of Italy finding a vineyard or heading up mountains of France for the amazing sunset view. Hiking requires more from your feet and therefore more from your shoe. There will be different types of terrain to challenge you. So, if you’re sticking to sandals then be sure to follow some simple rules. Flat sandals really are the best option, and a back strap would be especially welcomed for extra security. Losing a sandal down a mountain is a brilliant travel story but let’s avoid! The material really needs to work well with those hot walks and cork is a fantastic foot base to look out for.

What we suggest:

Joanie Leather Sandals

  • Cooling cork footbed for long comfortable walks
  • Chic style, perfect for holidays
  • Adjustable ankle and foot straps for extra support

For water

Water is a whole other ballgame. When it comes to water, the material is everything. Think about strap material that will dry quickly once you’re out of your aquatic adventure and make sure the sole of the sandal is of a water hardy nature. When it comes to design, toe posts should be a considered an ally for extra grip and security. Look for something that is also naturally lightweight, everything is a little heavier when soaked through so a lightweight material or fabric should help to alleviate some weight as you march on in your ventures, as well as dry extra fast.

What we suggest:

A slip-on with a toe post and water safe material would be a great go-to such as Seamills toe post sandal from Barbour

  • The perfect footwear for sun, sea and sand
  • Comfortable toe post and cushioned support for security
  • Comes in different cute summer colours

For arch support

Problems with your feet are not just problems with your feet. They impact your whole body, from your knees to your spine. If you have problems with your feet, then we would always suggest seeking medical advice to know what footwear is best for you. More and more sandals are designed with incredible adaptations to help alleviate the discomfort of conditions such as bunions and plantar fasciitis. Many types and designs of walking sandals now offer arch support which can make a world of difference to your feet, and therefore your holiday!

What we suggest:

Lea Leather toe post sandals

  • Cushioned arch support and a split sole for added flexibility
  • Slip on for easy on/off appeal and added security with toe post
  • Buttery leather straps for added comfort

We always must be careful what we put on our feet – it really does make a difference to your whole body. Sandals are fantastic for allowing you to gain extra air flow and keep you cool on hot hikes and summer days. The key message is to make sure the shoe fits! As an open design, they have more space for your feet to slide and move so keeping your sandals adjusted and secure is the best way to be as comfortable and supported as possible. 

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