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Best Sandals for Women – The 6 Best Sandals for Women

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Best Sandals for Women – The 6 Best Sandals for Women

It’s getting to that time of year where we start booking the pedicures and getting ready to feel the breeze on our feet as we stroll out in the sun in our favourite ladies’ sandals fit for the summer months. Whether you’re looking for your new holiday shoes or alternatives to get you through the height of British heat, there’s a few things to consider before purchasing and plenty of choices to look at.

When buying a new pair of sandals, the first thing that needs to come to mind is what your lifestyle looks like to know what pair of sandals would be best for you. Are you more active and outdoorsy? Is style the key element of your purchase? Or maybe it’s just pure comfort as you whip out the hand fan for a stroll out as the heat dials up. 

Whatever your needs may be, we’re going to go through a list of what sandals are best for women.

Best sandals for women for comfort

When we think comfort in shoes or apparel, style may not always be the priority. But sandals are an incredibly versatile shoe, and the main goal of a sandal is that they are comfortable. They allow good airflow to the feet when we hit the height of summer and generally, they fit securely for a lengthy time. However, not all sandals are made equal, and we shudder at the thought of skinny straps and barely-there soles when looking for that perfect comfortable pair – save the skinny straps for when you’re by the beach and pool! When looking for comfort in your sandal - stability and adjustability are the staple focus. 

At Jones Bootmaker, we provide many options of a comfortable sandal in our ladies’ casual sandals collection. When you think ‘comfort’ and ‘sandal’, the classic Birkenstock might come to mind. With a supportive sole and thick adjustable strap, these sandals keep ‘grip’ in mind for those summer days and ultimate movement ease.  

If you want a heeled sandal, for maximum comfort, stick to thick strap and slight wedge or platform heels that equally surround the sole to help support your feet and keep them elevated from the ground. We’ve also found that individual toe rings as part of the strap style and a lighter shoe, level up comfort even more. 

The downside to comfort is that you might feel like you sacrifice style – and a toe ring design may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But with Jones Bootmaker, we go to great lengths to give you choices and to keep your style.  

Warning! Do not mistake comfort with activewear. Your sandal may be comfortable for the everyday but if you’re looking to do a hot summer hike then beware of confusing comfort with practicality. A whole other activewear sandal would be needed for those outdoorsy types where the terrain and weather may change dramatically. 

Best sandals for women for style

Style can very subjective, especially when it comes to footwear. We all have our own idea of style. Whether style in a sandal for you is more colour and height, or perhaps it’s a neutral low heel that can edge up any outfit - our range of ladies’ smart sandals can offer you both. Whether it’s a heeled sandal, a wedge, peep toe or ankle fasten, there will be a style for you. Our range of women’s smart sandals are curated to suit all occasions, from an evening beach party to an office gathering, your style will not be compromised by your choice of sandal. 

Stylish sandals are fantastic for versatility and comfort, no one really wants to endure the sticky discomfort a patent ballet shoe can offer at a summer wedding. But be wary that your stylish shoe may have very little elasticity in the straps and therefore, although secure, could run small on you when you order. Be sure to check and look for half sizes in different brands and assess those sizing charts. Your feet swell slightly in heat and this mixed with no elasticated give could be a recipe for uncomfortable disaster. We love sandals that look versatile as well as stylish, a Barbour sandal shows how a shoe can have comfy thick straps and raised platform, but still look stylish and ready for any outfit – from jeans shorts to floating floral dresses. 

An advantage to stylish shoes is the opportunity to invest in a toe tidy up. Lovely, manicured feet, whether you prefer bare nails or embellished, is an absolute must in sandals – and there’s nothing wrong with a little self care! 

Be aware you get the right shoe for the occasion! Stylish sandals for women can be comfy but it doesn’t mean they’re the best to carry you for the full day time to night time look. 

Best sandals for women for versatility

Sandals and versatility are like salt and pepper, they’re needed, and they often go with everything to really enhance. Our range of womens' espadrilles offer you just that. A collection of beautiful shoes fit for many occasions. With a range of different strap variety, shape, and style, from chic black and neutral tones to bright colours, versatility in ladies’ sandals can be found at its most elite with Jones Bootmaker. Espadrilles really are the essential versatile footwear for summer. Traditionally made by skilled craftspeople, you will find a range of timeless silhouettes that are perfect for summer holidays, celebrations, alfresco dining and much more. The Espadrilles come in such a fantastic variety of heights, from flat to low heel to high heel, not to mention beautiful fabrics with a choice of peep toe, full toe, and ankle straps.  

The number one plus of the Espadrilles must be its wonderful versatility for different occasions. With a chunky platform and usually a narrow toe strap, espadrilles can be a sturdy and comfortable shoe but may be restricted with sizing. If you need a wide fit – be sure to check those sizing charts for what is available in your choice of espadrilles. 

Best wedge sandals for women

A wedge sandal needs a mix of stability and security in both the sole and straps to ensure safety and comfort. Wedge sandals don’t always have to be high to the sky, you can also get stylish and low running wedge that gives you height but keeps the comfort. If you do go higher in the heel, then be sure to look for secure and comfortable ankle straps to keep those wedges in place. The Grazina leather wedged sandal is a perfect example of a beautiful wedged sandal with security and stability in the straps and platform. 

The bonus of wedges is that you can have the height without the foot breaking arch and the tiptoe dance out of the house that you can get with those high stilettoes. They are comfortable and stable and offer more support that a traditional heel. 

A wedge is not for all occasions, they can look more casual than other sandals so be sure to take the type of celebration into consideration if you’re looking for a wedge sandal for a particular event. 

Best heeled sandals for women

The search for the best-heeled sandals for women usually means two things – the temperature is rising, and an occasion is calling. Heeled sandals can really elevate an outfit but also, they can really elevate your mood. It feels amazing to stride out in your favourite pair on a hot day. From beautiful wedges to colourful blocked heels, finding the very best ladies' heeled sandals is made easier with Jones Bootmaker. We really love a block heel for something a little different to the norm. You really can’t go wrong with Jones Bootmaker Gianna heel for super stylish comfort.  

From neutral tones to prints and patterns, peep toe to strap sandals, there is truly a variety of beautiful, heeled sandals for you to choose from. A heeled sandal can really lift the occasion of any outfit. If you’re wanting to stick to your favourite jeans and vest, heeled sandals can bring those chic and stylish vibes to a modest outfit. We love seeing them with floaty dresses in summer for an extra feminine feel too!  

Heeled sandals are not for all occasions – usually you want to keep these for those special events you’ve got lined up and maybe hold back on wearing them for the country pub walks! 

Best sandals for women: luxury 

Luxury fabrics are not limited to your hats and clothes – shoes can be the finishing touch of a luxe feel to enhance any outfit. We particularly like our ranges of ladies' suede sandals and ladies' leather sandals for this exact reason. 

Texture plays a big part in luxury feel and bringing several textures to an outfit is a sure-fired way to bring that little ‘extra’ to your apparel. Suede sandals have the benefit of being incredibly versatile in patterns and colour, they can suit so many events and occasions and will give you a particularly fresh feel as you stride out to take on the day.  

Whilst leather sandals bring that timeless energy to your outfit whilst looking effortlessly stylish and giving you look an edgy feel, they’re easy to keep polished up and clean to ensure you stay looking chic wear after wear. 

Watch out for those special fabric shoes though – suede and leather can both be prone to scratches and scuffs making them look that little bit unloved, you don’t want to be wearing these for your rural country pub crawls – save them for the big city life. 

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