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How to Style White Trainers?

Posted by Jones Bootmaker on

How to Style White Trainers?

White trainers have and always will be the tried and tested footwear classic. With tennis season in full swing (see what we did there?) we’re taking a deep dive into how to style white trainers, allowing you to serve some serious looks this summer (we’ll see ourselves out). 

If you’re only going to buy one pair of trainers, let them be white. They’re a classic. Simple, sophisticated, and stylish… if you style them in the right way. 

 You might think of tennis chic as that ultra white, bright tennis skirt, served with a high pony and some seriously dazzling trainers. And, sure, that is definitely a look. But there is an easier way to style white trainers. 

Southend2 White Leather Trainers for Men

There’s no denying that Zendaya has made tennis chic again (if it ever wasn’t?) but there’s no need to go full tennis-core and add literal tennis balls in the place of a heel. (We know you know which ones we mean).  

Slipping on a pair of white trainers in place of black ones instantly elevates a look. Sure, black trainers did a lot of the heavy lifting back in winter, and we thank them for that. No doubt when the skies have turned back to their original shade of grey, and the daily commute has become a life-or-death game of ‘avoid the puddles’, we’ll be turning back to our trusty black, leather trainers

 But in the summer months, a decent pair of white trainers is a staple piece. The beauty of them? They go with just about anything. Slip them on with a pair of blue jeans and a boxy tee for a relaxed, 70’s-esque look. Or pair them with your favourite floaty summer dress, creating an effortless cool-girl vibe. 

how to clean white trainers

 Not all of us must dress to impress at the office anymore, but of course, it’s still important to make an effort. Swapping the court heels a pair of sleek leather trainers can often hold the secret to making that outfit that bit cooler, and (let’s be honest) comfier. 

 If you’re planning on pairing a cool pair of white leather trainers with your favourite trouser suit (we would recommend) let us give you just one piece of advice. Make sure they’re clean. There are not many ways to spoil a smart-casual ensemble, but grubby trainers is one of them. If you need some tips on how to get those trainers back to their original, straight-out-the-box, pristine shade, then check out our recent blog on how to wash white trainers.

Amaliada Leather Platform Trainers

How to style black and white socks with trainers 

 Now we’ve all heard of the GenZ vs Millennial trainer sock debate, but the real question you should be asking is, ‘how do I style black socks and white trainers?’ We’ve all been there, running late for work, routing round in your sock draw desperate to find a matching pair of clean white socks, whilst pulling out multiple pairs of the forbidden black socks.

Although white trainer/black sock combo has been known to work, depending on the outfit, it might be best to opt for no-socks or trainer socks. Black socks can look rather jarring paired with a bright white pair of trainers. White socks and trainers create a much more polished, put-together look.  

Which white trainers for me?

 There are certain silhouettes that come and go out of style. Recently, the simple low-cut, white trainer has been dominating. Paired with jeans, dresses, suits, and skirts, this style of white trainer makes for an easy option that will go with just about anything. 


These are typically low-cut, with a simple, clean design. They often feature minimal stitching and a smooth leather or synthetic upper. 

 Why they’re popular: Ideal for a casual yet stylish look, they pair well with everything from jeans to dresses. 

Padova2 Leather Lace-Up Trainers


These trainers are designed with features inspired by athletic running shoes, such as breathable mesh uppers and cushioned soles. 

 Why they’re popular: They offer more comfort and support for everyday wear, especially for those who need extra cushioning or plan to be on their feet a lot. 

Averie Chunky Trainers


 Slip-on trainers have no laces and typically feature elastic gussets on the sides of the instep to easily put on and take off. 

 Why they’re popular: Convenient and comfortable, they’re perfect for those who prefer a laid-back look or need a quick option for stepping out.

Fernanda Leather Trainers


Made from sustainable materials such as recycled plastics or organic cotton, these trainers focus on reducing environmental impact. Our own range of Consciously Crafted trainers are made from apple leather, a would-be waste product from the foot industry. 

 Why they’re popular: We all need to play our part, they appeal to environmentally conscious consumers who are looking to make more ethical fashion choices. 

 Roll over image to zoom in CONSCIOUSLY CRAFTED Tabbee Apple Leather Trainers

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