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How to Wear Lace-Up Boots

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How to Wear Lace-Up Boots

Lace-up boots are practical and versatile which makes them a wardrobe staple from wet and windy winters right through to dewy spring. The trick to wearing lace-up boots is to change the way you wear them with the changing seasons. In other words, your clothes may change to fit the climate, but your trusty lace-up boots can stay consistent.  

The right pair of lace-up boots can add a new dimension to your outfits in the winter months, when all we want to do is layer up to fend off the cold. A pair of good quality lace-up boots will serve a dual purpose: to keep feet toasty warm and to look stunning splashing down the rain-slicked pavement. When considering a pair of lace-up boots think about textures, materials, colours, and details unique to the style which can help you determine which setting suits the boot best. 

Notoriously, lace-up boots go the distance. A smart black lace-up boot will work equally as hard in the office as they do at after-work socials, while chunky lace-up boots look just as edgy with black jeans and a duffle coat, as with a little black dress and evening bag.

At Jones, we’ve been making and selling lace-up boots since 1857 when the first store opened its doors; we know lace-up boots like no other. So, if you’re unsure how to wear lace-up boots, you’re in good company. Whether you’re wondering how to wear lace-up ankle boots or how to wear knee high lace-ups, we’ve put together some of our favourite style tips to help you find a boot to suit your style needs.

Lace-Up Boots
Lace-Up Boots
Lace-Up Boots

How to Wear Victoriana Lace-Up Boots

Revisiting Jones’ early days, Victoriana lace-ups tend to have thinner outsoles and narrower fit than other styles of lace-up boots. Their slim, feminine appearance means the Victorian style lace-up looks great with floaty or floral dresses. For a look as light and airy as a new spring breeze, pair these dainty lace-ups with white socks, a midi skirt or dress, and a chunky cardigan. Swap the cardigan for a duster coat and add a pair of tights to see you through the winter. Smarten up your style by pairing a Victorian silhouette boot with cigarette trousers, long-sleeve blouse and statement structured coat.


How to Wear LACE-UP HIKER Boots

Hiker boots are identifiable by their laces which tend to be looped through metal d-rings or eyelets, and sometimes wound around hooks towards the top of the boot. Traditional hiker boots tend to be rugged in appearance and durable, with textured outsole treads, such as a jagged dogtooth for enhanced grip. High-quality fashion hikers blend practicality and versatility with effortless style. When styling your hikers think about textures. For a sleek, sporty look try pair of matt black hikers adorned with shiny hardware, paired with skinny jeans, a long puffer coat, snug beanie, and a sporty bum-bag slung casually across the chest. If your style is a little softer, opt for sandy-hued suede hikers, with blue jeans and a statement knit jumper.

Quick Tip: How to Wear Lace-Up Boots with Jeans 

 When it comes to wearing lace-up boots with jeans there are a few key style-tips to remember. Lace-up boots look good with skinny or straight leg jeans. If the aim is to show off that lovely lace detailing, it’s best to avoid a style of jean that covers the top of the boot, so save the flared or boot-cut jeans for a sleeker style of shoe. For polished look, match the length of your jeans to the height of your boots. Jeans that are too long can be remedied either by tucking them into your boots or turning up the bottom cuffs just enough to sit neatly on top. 


How to Wear Chunky Lace-Up Boots

Chunky lace-ups, like bovver or biker boots, can add new edge to a pretty party dress in an instant.  Military inspired black boots are the party season’s underdog. Contrast a silky figure-hugging dress, sparkling sequin mini, or mountains of fluffy tulle, with hard-edge lace-up bovver boots and a matching black clutch bag. Or try a pair of biker boots, embellished with gems or pearls, matched with a bright silky skirt for a sleek and glamourous look. If you’re looking to keep it causal, reach for a pair of straight leg blue jeans, a classic white tee, and a dainty gold chain necklace for a finishing touch. In the fairer months, layer your white tee with a leather jacket to match your biker boots. When it gets colder, try a structured woollen coat and bovver boots for a bold, impressive stature. 

How to Wear Knee High Lace-Up Boots 

Knee-high lace-ups can come in any of the above styles. The benefit of knee-highs is their ability to make your legs look longer. If this is your goal, match the colour of your boots to the colour of your skinny jeans tucked into the top of the boot. A pair of black lace-ups in a slim-line Victoriana style would go perfectly with a pair of black skinny jeans and a shirt or jumper which sits right on the top of your jeans. Match a pair of tanned military-style knee highs (identifiable by their unmissable combat tread sole) with a knitted midi dress just a touch lighter than the colour of your boots. Or lean into the military style and opt for beige tailored trousers tucked into the top of the boot, a cream chunky-knitted textured jumper and a brown belt to match your boots. 

Quick Tip: How to Wear Lace-Up Boots with a Skirt

Just as with jeans, consider the length of your skirt compared to the boot and the kind of style you’re going for. Do you want to cover the tops of your boots or have them be on full display? Will you be wearing your boots with tights or bare legs? A pair of tall knee high lace-ups can balance out a shorter skirt, or perhaps you want to opt for a longer floaty skirt and knee-highs for a bohemian aesthetic.  


How to Wear White Boots 

Break the black and brown mould with a pair of colourful boots. For a bold high-fashion look match a pair of white or cream stomper boots with an outfit entirely in a matching neutral colour palette. If you’re looking for something more laidback, pair cream boots with pale wash jeans, cream knit wear and shearling coat. Add new dimension to the traditional little black dress by opting for contrasting white lace-ups. Throw in a black evening bag and black tights to match your LBD and your boots are sure to make a statement. 

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