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Jones Bootmaker (ISH) Edinburgh Comedy Awards

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Jones Bootmaker (ISH) Edinburgh Comedy Awards

This year, we’re the proud sponsors of the ISH Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2024. 

 Established in 2023, the ISH (Insert Sponsor Here) Edinburgh Comedy Awards are one of the most recognised comedy awards at the Edinburgh Fringe.   

ISH Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2024

The awards were created by multi-award winning comedian Nathan Cassidy, who is the only comedian to have performed live at the Fringe for the last 15 years (as he was the only live performer at the 2020 Fringe). The panel of judges is coordinated by Comedy Producer, Sarah Bowles, who won The Funny Women Comedy Industry Award in 2023.   

 There’s £15,000 of prize money up for grabs, which will be split equally between the winners of Best Show, Best Newcomer and the Panel Prize. 100% of our sponsorship money will go towards the artists.    

  Nathan Cassidy, awards founder (right):

 ‘I am thrilled to have the backing of the very lovely people at Jones Bootmaker. There is an incredible amount of good will towards the Awards from comedians, many of whom need more support, and being recognised in 2023 was a huge boost to their Fringe and for their future careers.  I’ll always remember one comedian saying to us, ‘You’ve not only changed my Fringe, you’ve changed my life, as you’ve shown me that people like me can be recognised.’  That we can repeat this support and recognition, and also give a few people some year-changing money this time around is superb.’   

 Sarah Bowles, awards producer (left):

‘I am also over the moon to have secured sponsorship this year and to carry on our support for comedians and the industry at a time where costs at the Edinburgh Fringe have ballooned.  We will also be doing Awards Showcases at the Fringe for last year’s long and short-listed comedians and anyone that has caught the judges’ eyes this year, where we will further be able to pay comedians for performing at the Fringe.  These shows will be from Thu-Sun every week of the Fringe at 23:30 at The Counting House Ballroom, free entry with donations at the end - thanks to Alex Petty at the Free Festival and the team at the Counting House for their support.’

Dave Abbott Head of Brand at Jones Bootmaker (middle):

“We’re delighted to be stepping in as the sponsor of this year's Edinburgh Comedy Awards. It's a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the hard-working performers who make the Edinburgh Fringe one of the best festivals in the world. They perform great stand-up, we design great shoes, it’s a perfect fit!”

 Take a look at some of the highlights of our launch event down below. 

Those long and short-listed for the 2023 ISH Awards included, Ed Byrne, Seymour Mace, Lorna Rose Treen, Stuart Goldsmith, Phil Ellis, Louise Young, Huge Davies, Janine Harouni, Luke Kempner, Mark Nelson, Ania Magliano, MC Hammersmith, Paul Sinha, Phil Kay, Daniel Kitson, Frank Skinner and many, many more great comics.      

 Find out more about the awards at  www.edinburghcomedyawards.com or find out more about the free showcases throughout the Fringe here: Jones Bootmaker ISH Edinburgh Comedy Awards Showcases | Comedy | Edinburgh Festival Fringe (edfringe.com)

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