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Shoe care

If you care for your shoes in the correct way you can prolong the life of them, so here are a few tips and information to help you:

  • Before you polish your shoes remove any dust or dirt with a clean cloth or by lightly brushing.
  • Clean and protect your shoes regularly using the correct products.
  • If your shoes have a waxed leather upper, regularly use dubbin or a leather conditioner to keep the leather supple.
  • Suede uppers will look their best when brushed.
  • Storing your footwear using a shoe tree will help maintain their shape and can help prolong their life.
  • Allow wet footwear to dry naturally in a well ventilated area as this will prevent any damage. DO NOT dry your footwear using an artificial heat source as this will damage uppers and cause the leather to separate from the bonding.
  • Never machine wash your footwear as this will seriously damage your shoes and void any guarantee.
  • Footwear is not waterproof unless clearly labelled on the product.
  • Heavily dyed leather uppers are not colourfast.
  • Alternate your footwear as this allows your uppers to breathe.
  • Replace heel tips, leather soles and insocks regularly to prolong the life of your footwear and prevent damage to the construction.
  • Brand new leather soled footwear should never be worn in wet weather conditions, It is important to wear them on a dry day to allow a build up of grit on the soles, doing this will help protect the leather and extend the life of the footwear.

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