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Our Commitments

The journey to sustainability is ongoing and it’s one we’re committed to. We’re not there yet, but we’re devoted to where we’re going.

Our aim is clear, to be the most responsible version of ourselves. Delivering more planet-friendly choices and championing slow fashion by crafting quality styles that are built to last.

Achieving Carbon Neutral status was just the beginning of our sustainability journey. We want to keep making changes for the better, for a greener world.

Our Consciously Crafted range has been made with renewed materials, reducing our environmental footprint and saving would-be-waste from reaching landfill.

Buy One Plant One

For every purchase from our Consciously Crafted Collection, we’ll plant one tree in your honour. Trees are one of the best ways to tackle climate change, and your tree will help to restore forests, giving habitats for wildlife and promoting better air quality.

Global Recycled Standard Certified

GRS have certified 100% of the recycled materials we use. Ensuring the best manufacturing practises that are healthier for the planet, while maintaining safe and ethical working conditions for our craftspeople.

Consciously Crafted Bags

Planet friendly style? It’s in the bag.

Timeless and trend-proof, our capsule collection of bags are made from recycled materials that turn waste materials into practical everyday staples. As for the quality? These are bags that are in it for the long haul.

Recycled Materials

100% Recycled Polyester

Our recycled polyester prevents the production of new polyester. Requiring less water and less energy to produce, this recycled material reduces fewer emissions than single-use polyester and prevents plastic waste reaching landfill.

100% Recycled Leather

Crafted from luxury full-grain leather, the leather from our bags has been made from materials taken from used goods like sofas and shoes, plus excess leather that would otherwise be in landfill.


Lightweight and water resistant, our recycled bags aren’t just about being kind the environment, they even outsmart the weather too.

Care And Re-Wear

When you find something that you love, you want it to last for as long as possible. Every bag from the Consciously Crafted Collection arrives with a complimentary and reusable dust bag that’s made from organic cotton – no harmful pesticides here. So now you can keep your bag in tip top condition for even longer.

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Consciously Crafted Trainers

Less waste - more style

Making planet-friendly choices can be as simple as putting on your shoes ...

Recycled Materials

Apple Leather

A leather alternative, made from the waste of apple processing from the food industry. A blend of materials is combined to make this with a minimum of 26% apple content.

Recycled Microsuede

GRS certified, our microsuede isn’t actually suede at all. In fact, it’s a clever leather alternative. A hardy textile made with 51% recycled polyester that’s artfully spun from recycled plastic.

Recycled Polyester

An artificial fibre, recycled from oil-based waste like PET bottles and polyester clothing. Spun from up to 50% recycled polyester, it reduces plastic waste that would otherwise be in landfill, using less water and energy to produce.

Recycled Foam Insoles

Comfort, style, and sustainability should always be synonymous. All the trainers in our Consciously Crafted Collection feature a cushioned insole that’s made with 100% recycled polyurethane foam.

Recycled Rubber

50% – 70% of the rubber used for the soles in our Consciously Crafted Trainer Collection are recycled. Our aim? To be more planet positive. Doing our bit in decreasing deforestation and reducing CO² emissions that would otherwise be produced. Any further rubber we use is responsibly harvested from sustainable sources that work to protect the rubber trees and their surrounding habitats.

Planet Positive Materials

Bamboo Blend Textile

Durable and soft in nature, bamboo is a renewable and sustainable alternative to cotton as it’s one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. Absorbing 36% more CO² than hardwood trees, it requires less water and machinery to maintain than a cotton plant. Created with a blend of 75% bamboo and 25% polyester, the lining of our Consciously Crafted trainers are not only kind to feet but to the planet.

Organic Cotton Laces

Organically sourced, harmful pesticides are not used to grow the cotton for our laces, lessening the effect on ecosystems and protecting the health of the cotton farmers.

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Our Carbon Commitments

Carbon Negative - Planet Positive

In 2020 we attained carbon neutral status with One Carbon World. As the first major footwear retailer to achieve this status, we’re proud to be leading the way into an eco-friendly future for retail.

What Does Carbon Neutral Mean? 

Through our Carbon Neutral work, we’re supporting a 100-year re-forestation project in Guanaré, Uruguay as part of the UN’s Climate Neutral Now initiative.  With the help of the Rainforest Alliance we’re working to restore 22,000 hectares of forests, reducing the carbon in the atmosphere, providing natural habitats for local wildlife, plus safe employment opportunities with fair wages to the local people of Guanaré. 

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